Biblical Worldview: The Importance Of Voting Today

Election Day is today. Much has been said and written, and more will be said and written in the postscript. But today, the candidates yield to us, We The People, the voters, their bosses. It is important that we exercise our civic duty and participate in our own governance — and bring like-minded Christians to the polls as well. After all, we get what we vote for (or don't for). Apathy doesn't help. While many Christians profess that Heavenly pursuits and spreading His Word are paramount in the world, and the secular mess that is government can only do but so much to rectify the cultural rot (government has, of course, been at fault for much of the rot), it is, in fact, a two part paradigm. While one may carry a certain weight over the other, they are both complimentary: It is difficult to remedy cultural ills when we do not help men and women of a proper Biblical worldview into office to affect the practical changes we need to defend Life, preserve the definition of marriage and protect our religious liberties, all of which are being undermined through vicious attack by the Secular Left in and out of government. (Hear this short message from a former pastor and governor Mike Huckabee, a former TFF Gala speaker, on the importance of voting).

While polls have certain candidates leading, their margins vary, and several recent ones have it very close, and all experts agree it will be won on turnout — whoever shows up, whoever turns out their people, will win. In 2005, the attorney general's race was decided by 360 votes out of more than 1 million cast. It was the closest election in Virginia history and it had consequences. The winner successfully defended Virginia's late-term abortion prohibition in federal court and helped pass the Marriage Amendment. The next attorney general most likely will have to defend it in court. With today's turnout expected to be extremely low, every vote is more influential.

So, go vote! Spread the word to others. The polls are open in every locality in Virginia today until 7:00 p.m. On the ballot are the candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, your member of the House of Delegates, and a host of local officials. In some localities, there will be referenda on issues such as local tax increases.

If you do not know where your polling precinct is, click here.

The Family Foundation's Winning Matters campaign has been busy, engaging the world, registering Christians to vote and getting them to the polls or to vote absentee. The final weeks have been hectic, yet productive — knocking on doors, making phone calls, distributing voter guides to churches, getting absentee ballot applications to people and much more. We're doing our part. Will you do yours today?

Below, courtesy of Winning Matters' own David Moxley via Twitter, are some photos depicting the hard work the WM team and its hundreds of statewide volunteers have been up to. Don't let their work go to waste. Today, go vote!

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Former U.S. Senator, and another former TFF Gala speaker, Rick Santorum exhorts the troops!

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One more vote delivered! 

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