Democrat Lawyer In Fairfax County Bullies Republican Staffer, Attempts Voter Suppression Of Provisional Ballots Affecting AG's Race

Yesterday, a senior Democrat attorney in Fairfax County tried to intimidate and physically force a Republican Victory office staffer out of the registrar's office as he was assisting voters who tried to get their provisional ballots counted, which will be key in the outcome of the still undecided race for attorney general between Republican Mark Obenshain and Mark Herring. According to a statement by the Republican Party of Virginia, the attorney . . .

tore down our voter assistance station, and tried to bully our staffer out of doing his job! We're fortunate that our staffer was quick with a video camera, because as you can see, this Democratic attorney made it clear that he was more than willing to lie about what happened.

The attorney is heard in the video saying:

You're only here because I'm letting you be here. 

Voter suppression anyone? What ever happened to "Count every vote"?