Image Of The Day: Obamacare Postage Stamp

President Barack Obama suddenly does not like his health care law to be called "Obamacare" anymore, favoring instead the disingenuous "Affordable Care Act," which apparently polls slightly better. It's neither affordable nor offers much care. But the president broke our health insurance system so, as the expression goes, he deservedly owns this atrocious law. You know it's bad when he displaces his decidedly large ego in favor of the the generic "ACA." You'd think he'd even like this new, unprecedented-for-a-law, commemorative Obamacare postage stamp. Who said the Postal Service can't get anything right? What better "forever stamp" could it print? As long as Obamacare is the law, our health insurance system will be about as functional as this wrecked train.


The perfect forever stamp: A fitting depiction of Obamacare and one even conservatives surely would buy.