It's #MoreThanAGlitch, Mr. President. It's Your Policies . . . It's Obamacare!

While President Obama and his yes-people in Congress and in his administration try to pass off Obamacare's failures as nothing more than a technical glitch with a web site, Americans know the truth because they see it every day in their mail in the form of cancelation notices and skyrocketing premium increases. No amount of spin (to put it politely) can make people, with real life experience, believe in a fantasy. In short, it's not just a glitch Mr. President. It's your policies. 

But the White House, and its massive media operation (i.e., the Mainstream Media), isn't giving up  trying to make Americans believe they're experiencing anything other than a disaster. They are trying to change the terms of the debate from "Obamacare" to "Affordable Care Act" (polling shows more people think better of the law when it's called that) and pressuring insurance companies to call "cancelation notices" "policy changes" to make people think they are actually keeping their health insurance plans when they are not. Ah, The Left. Always, always redefining the language to deceive people into something they instinctively know is wrong.

To combat this, our friends at Heritage Action for America have undertaken a social media campaign highlighting real people who have been hurt by Obamacare, people the president said were winners under his plan. It's called #MoreThanAGlitch. Use this hashtag in your tweets and Facebook posts to draw attention to the debacle that is Obamacare and the people who are suffering because of it.


It's #MoreThanAGlitch, Mr. President. It's your policies — it's Obamacare — and it's anything but affordable.