Pretend I'm A Tree

I saw this the other day, courtesy of our friends at The message is powerful because of its simplicity but also because it illustrates the misplaced priorities of our culture. To some, saving a tree is more important than life or death, literally — and saving a life is not even an afterthought.

If this theme looks familiar, it may be because you saw this blog post earlier this year with another tree/baby image. Both are excellent and should be shared as widely as possible. Making people think about what the culture values may make them a little uncomfortable, especially this time of year when all is supposed to be sugar and nice. But when is a better time to get their attention, Besides, I'm sure it's not too pleasant for those little ones when they're being killed in their mothers' wombs, either.

Speaking of bringing the Life issue to peoples' attention, if you haven't heard, we will have our second Virginia Stands For Life rally on the first day of the 2014 General Assembly, with a special guest speaker. You won't want to miss it. For more information, click here.