Tuesday has come and gone and Virginia has elected its new leadership. It seems everyone has a different opinion about who or what is to blame for this week's election results; however, until we're able to drill down into the election data more thoroughly, it's anyone's best guess as to what message the electorate sent (if any) and what specific factors were in play on Tuesday night. Could haves, would haves, and should haves run rampant, but today is November 8th and we must allow our emotions time to heal and then we must move forward. Regardless of the reasons for Tuesday’s results, we have a new political climate in Richmond that in many ways will be far more hostile to our faith and principles than anything we’ve seen before. Make no mistake: the abortion industry that spent well over $1 million to elect Terry McAuliffe and the homosexual rights lobby that spent thousands expect payback – and they expect it quickly. While there will be claims that “social issues” will take a back seat, do not be deceived. The first actions of the Governor-elect will not have anything to do with jobs or the economy, but they will have everything to do with social issues – beginning with executive orders that grant special status to people based on their sexual behavior. The appointments he will make to his administration will not be to help your job situation; they will be to reward those who helped get him into office.

At The Family Foundation, we’ve been preparing for the upcoming General Assembly session and political climate regardless of Tuesday’s outcome. We now know that advancing our principles, the values we share, will be most difficult, but we have no plans to back down.

It is always tempting after suffering a profound defeat to walk away from the battle. When we look at the direction of our culture we can become disgusted and disgruntled, choosing to abandon it rather than seeking to transform it. I urge you to remain committed to the work of bringing Godly, founding principles to our culture. You and I know that we have the answers to the problems we face, we simply must do more to make our case to our fellow Virginians.

Of course, first and foremost, we must be praying for our Commonwealth. God’s Word is clear that our leaders are appointed by Him, and He has their hearts’ in His hands. They may not know it, but He does. Please be praying for all the new leaders in Virginia.

Also, please commit to joining us on Wednesday, January 8th in Richmond to stand for the unborn at our annual life rally. There has never been a time when your presence has been needed more. There will be attempts at rolling back all the pro-life advances we’ve made in recent years – remember the abortion rate is declining in Virginia! – and we must remain strong and fight to keep those laws on the book and enforced.