Reflecting Left Wing Thought, America Is "Embarrassing" According To Hollywood Mogul

As we approach Thanksgiving, perhaps the most cherished national holiday, where Americans of all stripes give thanks in their own way for the blessings of living in this bountiful, generous and prosperous country, rife with opportunities for all, we have an example of one of what the Left really thinks about America. It comes from Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood Honcho and big time fundraiser for Left Wing causes and candidates; and friend not only of Bill, but of Barrack. He's a major producer, the former head of Miramax studios and other plum jobs at media and entertainment companies that affect our culture and impact how and what information we receive. It's fair to say he's reflective of what the mainstream Left thinks of America. The recent interview was with CNN's Piers Morgan and is so appalling, even the liberal Morgan is exasperated at Weinstein's nonsense:

Weinstein speaks for the Left: It's never Obama's fault and you better not criticize him. It's America's fault first, last and always.