Send The Media A Message: #MarchOnMedia

With the results of the gubernatorial election done and dusted, and conventional wisdom insisting that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli lost because he is pro-life and that pro-life Virginians are a minority, the Mainstream Media will have us believe the issue is settled — mainly because it won't give the proper coverage to the atrocities of the abortion industry. But there are three things you can do to show the MSM is wrong and to continue the progress the pro-life community has made in recent years not only in policy changes but, more importantly, in changing hearts and minds on this crucial, defining issue of human dignity and the primary human and civil right — the right to Life. One thing is to label your Facebook status updates and tweets regarding Life and abortion issues with the hashtag #MarchOnMedia. It is a campaign developed by many of the most prominent pro-life activists and organizations in America, many of whom have spoken at and participated in Family Foundation events in recent years, including our annual Day at the Capitol ("Lobby Day") and Virginia Stands For Life Rally last year. It reminds the public of the media' complicity in concealing the horros of abortion.

The second thing is to plan to attend this year's Virginia Stands For Life at the state capitol at beginning of the 2014 General Assembly. It is more important than ever this year to send a message to our elected officials that the protection of the unborn remains the paramount issue in our culture. Stay tuned for more details on the event.

In the meantime, do the third thing and please share this image on your social media platforms. Born out of the frustration of the MSM's near blackout of the Kermit Gosnell trial, the slogan playfully turns the trite lie of the abortion-on-demand crowd on its head. Not only does it promote #MarchOnMedia, but its message resonates and engages not only pro-lifers, but those who don't follow the issue precisely because the media's attention to the abortion industry's misdeeds is not commensurate with the importance of the issue. The more people learn of it's vile nature, the more they become engaged on the pro-life side.


The Mainstream Media needs to get its head out of the back alleys and in on the horrors of the abortion industry.