This Enrollee Had A Particularly Difficult Time With The Obamacare Website

We know enrolling in Obamacare can be extraordinarily time consuming, what with its web site crashing, burning, restarting, and crashing and burning (through 640 million of our tax dollars) all over again. But enough is enough! Clearly, time was not on this person's side. He — and we know it was a he because the Left does not have a "war on women" — experienced a far too long delay, didn't get the customer support so desperately needed, and should've taken a break or two to eat and sleep. The good news is that he once he finally gets through, he will get to keep his current plan if he likes it. Oh, wait . . .  

Another unintended consequence of Obamacare. Hopefully, your experience will be much better (though I doubt it). (H/T to Dr. Gene Lingerfelt of via twitter.)

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The law of unintended consequences: Obamacare's first victim. We thought Obamacare was supposed to provide healthcare.