This Is The "Virginia Way"? Northam Insults Jackson On Norfolk Television Debate

Democrat lieutenant governor candidate Ralph Northam has won plaudits from some otherwise center or center-right quarters for his more "mainstream" approach to policy and a less "controversial" manner — the so-called "Virginia Way." Really? Last week in Loudon county at least a second incidence of vandalism of Republican candidate E.W. Jackson's signs was reported. But this time, instead of just removing them, they were disfigured with with white paint over his face (see below).


Then, a couple of days ago, at the conclusion of their last debate, after Jackson corrected Northam on a quote he has repeatedly taken out of context on the campaign trail, Northam refused to shake Jackson's hand (see Life News). Not very gentlemanly. Not very Virginian (see the still shot). has the video here and quotes from national civil rights leaders condemning the uncivil lack of action by Northam. One has to wonder what the outcry would be fro the totally silent media and professional grievance class if the shoe was on the other foot.