Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy Obamacare Thanksgiving!

Only in the Age of Obama, where Dear Leader's ego must be fed at all times — more so, apparently, when the entire country simply wants to sit down and eat some turkey instead — we must instead eat, sleep, drink and talk Obamacare. Since Monday, the president and his apparatchiks have used social media and another Obamacare website to push the idea that families should discuss Obamacare during their Thanksgiving get-togethers (see Michelle Malkin)! Even when the administration came under ridicule for doing so, it continued, and did so relentlessly. It was tweeting even up to 4:00 today, tweeting not only to talk about Obamacare, but even tweeted out various themes: For Hanukkuh (which begins today) and alluding to a parental health insurance talk with their children to that of a parental "birds and bees" or drug talk, to name two. Its web site (this one apparently works) has pages that script any number of situations to bring up the subject this weekend. Just marvelous!

I don't know about you, but what I look forward to the most about family holidays is gathering around the table, catching up with relatives, and talking about failed federal policies. Who has time to eat? The discussion is sure to make you lose your appetite.

George Washington gave us this for Thanksgiving (click image for the text of the first presidential Thanksgiving proclamation):


While Barack Obama gives us this:


Only in the Age of Obama. From all of us at The Family Foundation to all of you, accept our wishes for a warm, safe, joyous and very happy Obamacare Thanksgiving.