Friday Fun: Are You Sure You Want To Get That iPad For Christmas?

Tablets are the latest craze in gadgetry. Everyone's got to have one. A novelty only a year or two ago, now they are nearly as ubiquitous as smart phones. As Christmas shopping reaches the home stretch, and you consider whether to get an Apple iPad for yourself, your son or daughter or your spouse, you may want to take into consideration these two videos showcasing what the iPad can and can't do, what it is designed to do and doesn't do, and what it can do anyway, and, finally, with all that under consideration, for whom you should buy one, if anyone at all. Whew! Christmas and electronics are getting way too complicated. But it's a sign of our cultural times . . .

Can your Samsung Galaxy do this?!

The iPad shows its humble versatility.

Hopefully, this has helped in your gift buying decision making. The fact that both of these come from Germany is strictly coincidental.