Friday Fun: Serious Comedy

Comedian Taylor Mali has a point to make and it's a good one: The language has become contorted. Not only do many people not know how to speak, their cadence is inappropriate for good conversation and conveying a proper message — not to mention annoying. Its part of a culture that accepts anything as good. Standards be damned. You do it your way, I'll do it my way and both work. Who's to judge? Apparently, Taylor Mali. Good for him; good to know there are young people who are cognizant that the culture not only is important, but that a solid cultural foundation doesn't start with the big issues. Structural collapses are spectacularly observed at the top. But they start with unnoticed small cracks in supporting elements below the surface that spread. As observed:

This comedian gets kinda serious and says something about truth and certainty that’s so perfect I nearly fell out of my seat. It made me laugh hard but think even harder. If you’re an advocate for truth (and declarative sentences) . . . pass it on.

Mali's act is funny because the best humor is rooted in truth. At the same time, it makes a serious point. But since I cannot do it justice, please watch this a unique, must-watch routine:

Speak with conviction . . . you know?