Pro-Life Nation

It's part of the sports lexicon these days to dub a team's followers "nation" as in "Hokies Nation." How does that apply to those of a shared belief? Do we have a "Pro-Life Nation"? In fact, not only is the pro-life movement comprised of millions of dedicated, hard working, highly motivated and God fearing Americans of all stripes, it's fair to say that the United States is a pro-life nation. Polling data for the last few years has shown steady progress toward majority status and recent polls shows have solidified not only a plurality of pro-life opinion, but an outright majority.

Of course, The Left, as it does with everything that is contrary to its objectives, has tried to redefine "majority." Sadly, also as with everything it does, The Left has succeeded in making Americans, politicians and the media believe the opposite in light of the clear evidence. But there is no cause for pro-lifers to cower. We are the majority. We need to express our position in confidence. Confidence breeds still more acceptance.

Part of the problem is a misunderstanding of the pro-life message. Adam Peters at elaborates here. On the state level, a recent study shows that standing for life helped Ken Cuccinelli in his gubernatorial campaign and that there may have been a different outcome had he aggressively called out his opponent for his extreme abortion on demand positions (see

All this proves true the old adage that the politicians always are well behind the people. But that's no reason to despair because the politicians, in order to stay politicians, eventually catch up to the people. If not, others will come along who will reflect the majority's sentiment because this is more than just a case of sports loyalty. After all, the Pro-Life Nation is, in fact, the nation, our nation.

Photo: Big media likes to portray the pro-life position as the minority position but that is not what the national polling from NBC News & the Wall Street Journal says. Support for life is growing and we will not be silenced.</p>
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No need for despair. Pro-lifers are in the majority and need to communicate the pro-life position with assurance. That is what will gain still more people for the pro-life cause.