Virginia Abortion Center Operator Lied To New Jersey Officials, More Evidence That Abortion Industry Lacks Credibility

The Family Foundation of Virginia today released this statement concerning the New Jersey investigation of abortion provider Steven Brigham, who operates abortion centers in Virginia:

Prosecutors in New Jersey have alleged that Dr. Steven Brigham, who operates two abortion centers in Virginia, lied to officials about having malpractice insurance during a hearing concerning his medical license. Brigham operates abortion centers in Fairfax and Virginia Beach and has been the subject of multiple license suspensions and a murder investigation.

Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb said:

It is beyond belief that this man is allowed to continue to operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia when he is clearly someone who cares nothing about the well-being of his patients. Brigham may not do the abortions himself in Virginia, but he obviously operates his facilities with no regard for public health; all this while the abortion industry continues to claim that abortion center health and safety standards are unnecessary.

In New Jersey, Brigham claimed to have current malpractice insurance during a hearing three years ago, but when asked recently to produce evidence verifying the insurance, he gave fraudulent documentation for an insurance company that no longer operates and whose operator went to jail for money laundering and insurance fraud.

According to media reports:

The allegations are the latest twist in Brigham's 20-year, multistate history of trouble with regulators, the IRS, landlords, creditors, and law enforcement agencies. In the last few years, sanctions against him have forced his abortion business, American Women's Services, to shut down in Maryland and Pennsylvania. It still has clinics in New Jersey, Virginia and Florida.

During an initial inspection of Brigham's Tidewater abortion center, employees refused to state who owned the facility, instead saying repeatedly that is was owned by a "corporation."

Brigham isn't the only abortion center operator in Virginia who has faced scrutiny in other states. Diane Derzis, who operates the A Capital Women's Health Clinic in Richmond, has had facilities closed in other states because of horrific health and safety conditions.

Asked Cobb:

The question is, what kind of malpractice insurance does Brigham's abortion centers operate with in Virginia, and have public health inspectors verified the validity of the insurance? We have been told over and over again by the abortion industry that their facilities are safe, well run and not in need of state oversight, but case after case of owners like Steven Brigham and hundreds of safety violations is evidence enough that the industry cannot be trusted.