Who Says Mark Warner Can't Be Defeated?

I know, I know. We've just had one election and one of those campaigns wasn't settled until yesterday. You don't want to hear about another. Not with Christmas days away. It's time to just peace out for a while. But in Virginia, we don't have elections. We live them. That's what happens in a commonwealth with an odd-year/even-year, state/federal campaign calendar, and if there is one thing more certain than an election every year in Virginia it's that Mark Warner can't be beat. Or so the pundits and media would have us believe. After all, the Democrats just swept three statewide offices and now hold all five. Barack Obama won the Old Dominion twice. Why even bother? The Left is unstoppable and Mark Warner is a more powerful than a Roman god.

But saying so doesn't make it so. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words — and perhaps 1,000,000 votes:


With Obamacare malfunctioning and Obama's ratings plummeting, Senator Mark Warner's deciding vote for the socialization of the health insurance industry could well prove the emperor has no clothes.