Did You See The Headline In Today’s Paper?

Did you see the headline in today’s paper? You know, the one expressing outrage that Democrats are too focused on divisive social issues. No? Then what about the one urging the Democrats to focus on jobs and the economy and not social issues because they are driving people away. No? Or how about the one letting us know that Governor Terry McAuliffe was going to focus only on issues Virginians care about to fulfill his "Common Ground for Virginia" slogan?  Neither did I. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by the media’s hypocrisy. After all, within the first 72 hours of an executive branch run solely by Democrats and a newly empowered Democrat power base in the Virginia Senate, they have made clear that their liberal social agenda will drive their policy. Governor McAuliffe has given two major speeches, both replete with action steps to expand abortion and legalize gay marriage. In fact, his first executive order violated Virginia law by expanding non-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

He is supported by the newly founded Equality Caucus, which held a press conference on Monday to just discuss its liberal social agenda.

If you believe the press, Republicans want to spend all their time discussing social issues and Democrats just want to talk about the economy. After all, it was imperative that Governor McAuliffe’s first executive order eliminate any remembrance of Bob McDonnell’s radically-conservative Executive Order 1.  You know, the executive order establishing the Chief Jobs Creation Office. What’s more important in Virginia, jobs or social issues?

During the McDonnell administration, the press made clear that it was one or the other. Yet for Governor McAuliffe, a liberal social agenda is good for the economy. Perhaps because Governor McAuliffe is, in its opinion, taking a reasonable approach to social issues. In the meantime, I’ll keep scouring the headlines and reading editorial boards waiting for them to hold the Democrat regime to the same standard they held Republicans.