General Assembly Primer: A Brief Explanation Of What We Lobbyists Do

Each General Assembly session develops its own feel and takes on its own life. From year to year there are common themes and actions, yet each session also forges its own personality. The 2014 General Assembly has yet to get traction, but it is early days. In the meantime, before we get into the weighty issues of the day, the major controversies and the political gossip, I thought I'd take some time to offer an explanation, in response to the oft mentioned query, "What do you lobbyists do?" 

Here's your answer . . .


Witnessing the sausage making isn't always shocking. Usually, it's just plain boring. 

Believe me. Truth is stranger than fiction. While lobbying is challenging — even an adrenaline rush of long, hard hours, with an occasional reception now and then, it has its more than mundane moments, too.