Quote Of The Day, 1-15-14: Feminists Retread '70s "ERA"

There were several candidates for the 2014 Virginia General Assembly's first Quote Of The Day. But the winner doesn't come from a legislator. It comes from a liberal activist. One trade secret in the lobbying business is to keep your mouth shut in the hallways and elevators. If you're talking, you're not listening to what others are saying, and you may be giving away something to the other side no matter how insignificant you think it may be.

This morning, a few stragglers from a feminist briefing lingered not far from me as I sat on a hallway chair in the General Assembly Building and recorded notes on a meeting with a legislator. They were giddy with enthusiasm to lobby lawmakers to vote to ratify the so-called Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. No, you haven't gone back into a 1970's time warp. For the last three years it has been introduced in the General Assembly despite its decades ago expiration from failure to secure the three-quarters of the states necessary for ratification by its own deadline.

Believe it or not, in 2011, the Virginia Senate mistakenly passed it when they thought they were filming a Spielberg history movie (sic), before a House committee effortlessly punted it through the Twilight Zone and back to the Jimmy Carter-Tip O'Neil era. To hear these feminists, the original resolution's deadline, approved by a liberal dominated Congress at the time, doesn't count.

I am not making this up. Talk about "wasting time on divisive social issues."

The women talked openly about their strategy, as primitive and naive as it was, not realizing who I was. I kept my head down, finished my job and listened with great amusement — and took notes (then provided them to one of the "targeted" legislators — an unflipable conservative — before they could visit his office for a second time that morning). One woman, with colored blond hair and a blaze red stripe of hair across the front, admitted it was hard for her to concentrate solely on the ERA because "I can't prioritize. I love all these bills. I'm even all in on the animal rights bills, too!"

Rights for the animals. None for the unborn. Some definition of feminism.

That's not the QOD, though, and it's not this gem either: "I want to live until I see this passed and I will die happy."

The QOD goes to another woman who said she gave an ERA pin to Dorothy McAuliffe, our new First Lady:

She said she'd give it to Hillary. All I want for Christmas is a picture of Hillary Clinton wearing an ERA pin. That's the money shot for me.

Did I say "naive"? Honey, if you don't have Hillary in your camp by now, you might as well stick with your friend's animal rights bills.