Quote Of The Day 1-29-14

Our Quote of the Day comes from Delegate Jennifer McClellan (D-71, Richmond), one who is about as nice and refined a woman as one will meet — but someone with whom we almost always have significant and substantial policy differences. This session, she is the patron of HB 1187, which adds a reference to "bullying" to a certain part of the code, and is a bill that we support, as we did last year in a predecessor bill she carried. Speaking to the bill today on the House floor, she said to great affect:

This will probably double my score with The Family Foundation.

Actually, that won't be hard to do. On our last Report Card she rated five percent. Five! That wasn't the lowest score — she tied with three others and four delegates came in at zero percent! — but she's pretty much propping up the table.

Yet, all that work may have gone for naught later in the day when she cast a wrong vote on an important bill (HB 1113) in the House Courts of Justice Civil Sub-Committee. As she left the committee room, she walked by a team of Family Foundation lobbyists and said, "I guess my score just dropped back down," which cracked us up. I provided the laugh for her when I told her she had already qualified for our Quote of the Day during her floor speech.

Not all down here is at the media and some partisans portray it. There is respect for those of opposing views despite serious disagreements. Cheers to Delegate Jennifer McClellan for being a great sport!