Video: Conservative Caucus News Conference

The Virginia General Assembly Conservative Caucus held a news conference yesterday to highlight its 2014 agenda. Its House chairman, Delegate Ben Cline (R-24, Amherst), led the event and was joined by two freshman colleagues: Delegates Mark Berg (R-29, Winchester) and Dave LaRock (R-33, Hamilton), each of whom have hit the ground running with bold legislation. Delegate Cline said:

The Virginia Conservative Caucus is putting forward a positive agenda that addresses the challenges facing working individuals and families across the commonwealth. Virginians have stated that they want to see more jobs created by businesses, lower taxes and commonsense, efficient government. We know real solutions are what Virginia families are demanding from their government, and we are reflecting that demand in our agenda.

The Conservative Caucus is comprised of approximately 70 members in both the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate. Its Senate chairman is Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg). It focuses on three areas of public policy: job creation and opportunity; strengthening and protecting families; and limiting government and defending freedom; and annually releases a legislative agenda featuring dozens of bills across all three areas.

Delegate Cline highlighted his HB 1243, a bill to reduce the state corporate income tax rate from six to five percent to generate job creation. Delegate LaRock featured his HB 950, a bill to provide a homeschool and private school income tax credit to foster education choice and competition; and Delegate Berg, a doctor, unveiled his HB 338, a bill to restrict the State Corporation Commission's functions with the federal Obamacare health care exchanges.

In addition to its agenda of positive bills, and his promise to work with Governor Terry McAuliffe on areas of mutual agreement, Delegate Cline also emphasized promised to "resist Medicaid expansion strongly." He said, "It makes no sense to expand a program to cover an additional 400,000 Virginians that currently serves 800,000" by inceasing by 139 percent the definition of poverty. Here is the video of the entire news conference:

The Virginia Conservative Caucus announces its 2014 General Assembly legislative agenda.