Wexton Prefers Demonizing Conservatives To Fighting Criminals Or Protecting Unborn

If you live in the parts of Loudon and Fairfax Counties that make up the 33rd Senate District, where a special election will be held this Tuesday to fill the seat of Attorney General Mark Herring and determine which party will control the Virginia Senate, take notice of this mailer Republican nominee John Whitbeck. It's in response to the over-the-top television ad Democrat Jennifer Wexton released last week in which she equated Tea Party activists to rapists (see it here).

As it turns out, Ms. Wexton, who prides herself as a no-nonsense, tough-on-crime prosecutor, may have set up a straw man to impugn because her record isn't exactly as she has advertised. As it turns out, in recent years, she's taken on four rape cases (notice the omission of the word "prosecuted") and plea bargained them, including one perp who was charged with four counts of rape and one count of abduction. Three of the four rape counts were dropped and the remaining charge was reduced to misdemeanor sexual battery. He was sentenced to time served and two months. He's now free.

Another man was charged with rape and abduction, but Wexton pleaded the case down to misdemeanor sexual battery and a sentence of about four months. Yet another case involved rape, abduction and intent to defile. That, too, was pleaded by Wexton — to a four month sentence. The list, as they say, goes on and on.

Apparently, Ms. Wexton, an ardent pro-abortion advocate, is tougher on limited government Tea Party activists and unborn babies than she is on rapists. In the so-called "War On Women," Ms. Wexton outranks any so-called "anti-woman" conservative legislator. I suppose that's why she had the need to build up a straw man to knock down — because she hasn't demonstrated the ability to take on real scoundrels.

That's anything but the qualities needed to fight the legislative battles in Richmond, where credibility, veracity and trust are essential to be an effective legislator. Maybe Ms. Wexton should spend her time conscientiously fighting criminals instead of demonizing people who simply have a different opinion. She would be much better served and serve her constituents much better.

WhitbeckFlyerJennifer Wexton has shown an incredible ability to be tougher on political opponents and the unborn than on rapists. Yet, she thinks she deserves to be a state senator.

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