When Does A Heartbeat Mean You Are NOT Living?

It's not a joke or a trick question. It's not a complicated medical diagnosis, either. Quite simply, it's an unborn baby. At least that's what the abortion industry and its sundry apologists in government, the courts, media, entertainment and the like would have us believe. Consider the paradox so simply, yet eloquently, depicted and phrased in the image below from our friends at Right Wing News: If you are pronounced dead when you're heart ceases to beat, why are you not considered alive when it commences beating? Why should one's location matter? If a person is trapped in a wrecked car, for example, and is severely injured, yet has a heartbeat, that person is alive. Every effort is made to maintain that person's life until he or she can be reached, taken to the hospital and completely treated.

Why should a baby, who's heart is beating, not be afforded the same rights because it is being sheltered in its natural developmental state — it's mother's womb? One might say the pro-abortion crowd could be given a nod for some level of consistency in that it thinks one is human only when it is living on its own, outside the womb — except that so many of them believe that late-term abortion and "post-birth abortion" should be legal.


Out of the mouths of babes . . . Who can dispute this logic (except the ardent, hard core abortion apologist)?