Celebrate Valentine's Day The Planned Parenthood Way (Hint: It's Not With Flowers And Chocolates)

Remember this? It was Planned Parenthood's disgusting way of "celebrating" Christmas a few years ago — with a sale of gift certificates. That's right. Celebrate the birth of the Lord by giving your pregnant friend an abortion gift certificate. Now, it wants you to celebrate Valentine's Day the Planned Parenthood Way, which no doubt involves plenty of taxpayer purchased birth control. Then, of course, if it doesn't work (and how many government programs do?), Planned Parenthood has your back (or your uterus, as the case may be) covered with "safe and legal abortions." Ericka Anderson of Victory Girls blog gave us the heads up by citing our reports on the findings of the 2012 Virginia abortion center inspection findings.

The "invitation" to celebrate Valentine's Day with Planned Parenthood came in the vine below via Twitter from Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood's president, with the hashtag #WhatWomenNeed. She clouds her shamelessness with calls for healthcare such as mammograms and other screenings, which is fine, except that those procedures barely register on Planned Parenthood's activities.

As Anderson writes:

In case you didn’t know, Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a great track record. While they try to downplay their abortion service, it’s actually a huge part of their business. In fact, last year alone — according to their own annual report, they performed 333,964 abortions. Oh and did I mention they received 45 percent of their revenues from taxpayer-funded government sources during the 2011–2012 fiscal year?

Sarah Torre, a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, said, "Planned Parenthood regularly opposes commonsense laws that would protect women and children from abortion’s harms. They have been accused of neglecting the health and safety of patients and resisting efforts to improve safety standards. ... Women want and deserve more."

She then cites Casey Mattox of Alliance Defending Freedom who quotes our reports about the abortion center inspections. If you need a reminder of how gruesome these facilities are, read here.

Equating Valentine's Day — contrived as it may be — with abortion on demand is nothing less than nasty and revolting. I don't think any poll of women, no matter how slanted, would find more than a spec of women who crave (or equate) "reproductive services" with Valentine's Day. It shows how much Planned Parenthood thinks of the women it claims to represent. No chocolate or flowers for you, dear!

Maybe it's not as bad as pushing abortion gift certificates for Christmas, but Planned Parenthood has lowered the bar so much, it makes the nasty, nauseating, vile and vulgar pale in comparison to the ghastly and macabre — and does it with a smile on its face. It certainly isn't #WhatWomenWant.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards: Abortions make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.