Governor McAuliffe Has Kept One Promise: He's NOT Reading The Bills!

As we've previously noted, and other media as well, Governor Terry McAuliffe hasn't rushed out to stake a claim on too many issues — unless it's to support the abortion industry or promote Medicaid expansion. Today, though, out of the blue (or, gray, as dark tornado-warning clouds enveloped Richmond), he spoke — kinda. His spokesman did. Of all things and of all bills, the spokesman said that the governor will veto SB 236 — a "prayer bill" — which passed the Senate early in session and now is in the House of Delegates, if it  reaches his desk. The bill's patron is Senator Charles Carrico (R-40, Galax).

There's a problem. The man who infamously said during the campaign that he wouldn't read bills because he would hire people to do it for him (see Washington Post), apparently hasn't read this bill or doesn't want to — because it's not a prayer bill! It's a freedom of speech bill. But according to the Post today, the governor has his sights set on the "Prayer Bill."

We don't know why. We hope he takes a break long enough from his 60 parties in 60 days to actually read the bill. Then he might find it's not offensive at all — as if prayer is offensive — and that he would be doing a good thing by strengthening students' rights of freedom of speech, expression and association on campus.

T-Mac drinking

Read more, party less. Sign the students' rights bill.