McAuliffe Actually Takes A Position

The joke around Capitol Square this session is that Governor McAuliffe's administration is woefully behind in its bill review and has not taken public positions on bills in committee meetings – uncharacteristic given the pattern of previous administrations. There is one topic however in which the McAuliffe administration has not hesitated to have an opinion on. And that topic is none other than … abortion. Below is a video of two administration representatives testifying on behalf of the ultrasound repeal bills. The Governor's administration may be obviously absent at the General Assembly, but not on the topic of abortion. As you watch, take note of the reasons why the administration is in support of the bill. If you're like me, you'll be scratching your head when the video is done.

However, more entertaining than Dr. Levine and Ms. Gore's testimony, was the testimony the night before in House Courts Constitutional Subcommittee from the Deputy Secretary of Health, Suzanne Gore. Ms. Gore testified in opposition to HB 98, a bill to criminalize sex-selective abortion. As Ms. Gore's testimony was extremely brief, a committee member asked her to give the administration's reasoning for its position. Ms. Gore's response could be summarized as, “I don't know.” It was profoundly embarrassing.

The McAuliffe administration is so rabidly pro-abortion, that despite being woefully out-of-touch, they have nonetheless eagerly stated their support of abortion in committee but are at a loss as to why. The McAuliffe administration is learning a painful lesson in how Virginia operates; but in the meantime, I'd encourage them to return to “jobs and the economy” and leave behind their radical social agenda.