New CBS/New York Times Poll: 61 Percent Favor Restrictions On Abortion Or Outright Ban

I'm not sure what's more devastating to the Left today: A new comprehensive poll from CBS and the New York Times that says only six percent think Obamacare is working or the 61 percent who say there should be tighter restrictions on abortion or an outright ban! Guy Benson on his Tipsheet breaks down all the issues and numbers here. Among the findings:

» President Barack Obama's approval rating is at a dismal 41 percent.

» Republicans hold a three point lead over Democrats in the generic Congressional ballot preference question, although seven percent more Democrats than Republicans were polled. All those polled were registered voters, whereas likely voters typically are more conservative.

» While 56 percent believe "same-sex marriage" should be legal, two-thirds believe each state should be allowed to determine their own definition. Bad news for so-called "marriage equality" advocates in Virginia.

» In an a result that's sure to depress the Left, a slight majority even believes that "Global Warming" either naturally occurs or doesn't exist at all. To the Elitist Left, that must only confirm what they think of us — that we're all a bunch of rubes and only they are intelligent enough to understand the "settled science."

As for abortion, the spring campaign of 40 Days For Life is about to kick off. We are big fans of this amazing, prayer-and-fasting campaign that has saved countless babies from death. It's this type of spiritual movement, setting the example for the country — indeed, the world, as the video below demonstrates — and probably a significant reason for the dramatic change in attitude on abortion reflected in the poll. It's not the first such poll, either. The tide has turned. Watch this video, then click here to read more about the exemplary work and prayer 40 Days For Life does, and sign up to join others in prayer in your city, county or town.

Whether it's former Planned Parenthood employees, post-abortive mothers, mothers who had a last second change of heart or any number of people from all walks of life, people put their faith into action with 40 Days For Life.