Stand Up For Marriage Tomorrow In Norfolk!

We were just notified Saturday that the suit against Virginia's Marriage Amendment is being heard in Norfolk Tuesday. Our Attorney General, Mark Herring, is not only not defending our constitution. Instead, in an unprecedented action, he is joining the challenger against the amendment. We fought too hard in 2006 to pass the Marriage Amendment to let it die now. Please join us at the U.S. District Court on Tuesday to Stand Up For Marriage. Details are below. Also, please go to our Facebook page by clicking here, let us know you are coming and invite your friends. Even is you can't make it, go to the Facebook page, click "maybe" and it will allow you to invite your friends. Please help us with this — time is of the essence!

Stand Up For Marriage

Rally at the U.S. District Courthouse in Norfolk

600 Granby Street, Norfolk 23510

Tuesday, February 4, 9:00 a.m.

Questions and Answers about the current status of the Virginia Marriage Amendment:

Q. But I already voted and thought we passed a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage between one man and one woman?

A. You did. And so did 57% of Virginians. But because activists supporting same-sex marriage have failed annually to repeal your vote in the General Assembly, they have gone to the courts to overturn your vote. The case Bostic v. Rainey, is a couple who resides in the Tidewater area that is asking the federal court of overturn the state's marriage amendment.

Q. Aren't state laws and our Constitution supposed to be defended by the sitting Attorney General?

A. Yes. No AG has ever chosen to join the side of a challenger to a state law or amendment. Attorney General Mark Herring, elected by just 165 votes last November has chosen to defy his role by not only not defending our state Constitution but instead jumping into the case AGAINST the will of the people on behalf of same-sex marriage.

Q. It's in the hands of the court now. What can I really do to help?

A. Pray. "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." James 5:16

Rally outside the Courthouse. We will be meeting at 600 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510 outside of the Federal Courthouse at 9:00 am to stand for the biblical definition of marriage.

Q. Why would I attend a rally? I'm not a "political person."

A. The rally isn't a partisan, political thing. The purpose of the rally is primarily for the media who will be covering the story. Same-sex marriage supporters will be out in mass numbers. The media would like to write a story that shows the momentum has completely moved to where Virginians overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage. Having a large, peaceful counter-presence forces the media to provide more balanced coverage and serves as an encouragement to other believers who feel that they are alone in standing for God's truth. "[We] sent Timothy, our brother and minister of God, and our fellow laborer in the gospel of Christ, to establish you and encourage you concerning your faith." I Thessalonians 3:2

Q. What else can I do?

A. 1) Call Attorney General Herring's office at 804-786-2071, and express your opinion.

2) Sign the online petition by clicking here.