The Marriage Debate: Family Foundation On The Air!

The Family Foundation of Virginia is the point organization when it comes defending marriage in Virginia. I have a friend who is very disengaged politically and even he called me to say that he saw our name "all over the place" when news broke that Attorney General Mark Herring decided not to defend Virginia's Constitution. "All over the place" is an apt phrase. We were quoted nationally as well as throughout Virginia regarding the controversy. Whether it was a local publication in Ohio or the Associated Press, The Family Foundation was the point organization for the media to get the view point of those who defend traditional marriage.

Just today, as we organized a rally outside the Norfolk federal courthouse, where a hearing was held on the constitutionality of Virginia's Marriage Amendment, news organization after news organization interviewed our president, Victoria Cobb. Here's a sampling you may want to listen to:

Washington Watch With Tony Perkins

Sandy Rios In The Morning (February 3 podcast)

Sandy Rios In The Morning (Live, February 5 broadcast)

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