What Women REALLY Need

On Monday, I brought to you the heart warming wishes from Planned Parenthood, which started a social media campaign entitled #WhatWomenNeed. It produced a vine of its president, Cecile Richards, flashing a series of cards with an outline of a heart and within each heart a type of procedure, such as mammograms and, of course, "safe and legal abortions" (see it here). The implication was that women abortion was top of mind for women on Valentine's Day. Sick. The reaction probably hasn't been what Ms. Richards has expected. For example, Missy Martinez, the "Pro-Life Warrior Princess" (@missySFLA) shot back with this photo depicting #WhatWomenNeed:


Busted! Planned Parenthood couldn't provide #WhatWomenNeed even if it wanted to.


Others have reacted as well. New Wave Feminists posted these two images on its Facebook page:


The truth is told!

NewWaveFeminists-PP Val Day

Cecile Richards has a twisted view of what women need.

The fact is, Planned Parenthood devalues the women it says it supports. By recasting abortion as "women's health care" (an admission it's losing the battle on "choice") and declaring that women's issues are all about "reproductive rights" Planned Parenthood relegates women to second class status, worth nothing more than bodies and not intelligent, loving, successful humans — which is what we men want to think of our wives and girlfriends during Valentine's Day. #JustSoWereClear!