Help Stop Obamacare Expansion

A week from today the General Assembly will be back in Richmond for a special session to try to pass a state budget.  This year's regular session ended with Governor Terry McAuliffe and a majority of senators proposing a budget contingent on expanding Obamacare. While conservatives in Richmond are standing firm in opposition to expansion, all legislators must hear from you!

Please click here to contact your senator and delegate to urge them to pass a budget without expanding Obamacare!

Without a state budget, thousands of teachers, health care workers and public safety workers are at risk. Local governments cannot budget for next year and neither can local school boards. Liberals in Richmond are endangering all public services because they want to expand Obamacare no matter the cost, but they know the only leverage they have is hijacking the state budget because the majority of Virginians recognize that Obamacare is a complete failure.  Last year, lawmakers agreed to keep the budget and expansion issues separate, creating the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission to study expansion. But due to a new governor and Democrat takeover of the Senate, the two issues are now combined.

Each day, we hear more news about Americans losing health insurance for a variety of related reasons: Obamacare itself, more unconstitutional, unilateral actions by the president to delay a failing law without approval of Congress, higher health care costs and a damaged economy. Late last week, we learned that doctors involved with Medicare (not Medicaid) are facing a 24 percent reduction in payments for their services to patients because Congress can't figure out a way to pay. It's more evidence of what every day citizens recognize — the federal government is broke and cannot be trusted to fulfill its future fiscal commitments — including its share of expanding Medicaid. We also recognize that government entanglement with health care is a disaster.

Unfortunately, rhetoric from expansion supporters is making it clear that they are more than willing to bankrupt not only the nation, but they are happy to shut down state and local government to get what they want. The battle in Richmond is a microcosm of the national battle American's must have — when does the spending stop? When do we admit that too many federal programs are not just bankrupting us — they are failing to do what they were theoretically designed to do in the first place.

This is an opportunity for us to draw the line!

Please click the link below to contact your senator and delegate, and share this link with others so that they can make their voice heard as well., big labor unions, big business and the president's campaign machine are all spending millions to force expansion on Virginians. We have to fight back with the one thing we have — our voice!

Please click here to contact your senator and delegate to urge them to pass a budget without expanding Obamacare!