If There's A War On Women, There Aren't Many Fighting It

Last week I commented on a new CBS News/New York Times poll that reveals some interesting attitudes of Americans on abortion as well as several other issues. Here's a more detailed look at the numbers, which are real eye openers. The poll, which was conducted February 14-19 on a number of topics, surveyed about 1,500 registered voters nationwide. Registered voters, as opposed to likely voters, are a more liberal universe. Additionally, the poll was weighted +7 percent Democrat. A plurality of those polled, 38 percent, were independents. Despite this, it showed that a significant majority of Americans — 61 percent — support stricter limits and/or an outright ban on abortion.

Of those, 40 percent favor stricter limits on abortion and 21 percent favor an outright ban on abortion. Even 42 percent of Democrats support either stricter limits on abortion or an outright ban — 26 percent  favor stricter limits and 16 favor at least an outright ban.

This must be a gut punch to the Left. It has tried to convince the country that the country doesn't believe what, in reality, the country actually believes. Even a sizable chunk of Democrats favor restrictions on abortion on demand.


If there's a "War On Women," there aren't many engaged in battle. Before the other side continues its propaganda and smear campaign about a "war," it should at least recruit a few troops of its own.

Even more telling is that since the "War On Women" was invented in January of 2012, the number of people who favor at least restrictions on abortion has stayed about the same: 60 percent then, 61 percent now. The number of those who believe there should be tighter restrictions on abortion has risen from 31 percent last year to 40 percent this year, and from 35 percent in 2012.

As for Republicans, 77 percent support stricter limits on abortion or an outright ban on abortion, 50 percent of which favor stricter limits, while 27 percent favor an outright ban. Meanwhile, politicians take note: 64 percent of the chosen ones of the body politic, independents, support restrictions or an outright ban on abortion — 46 percent favor stricter limits and 18 percent favor an outright ban.

Some other numbers to consider (remember the skew of the poll):

* President Obama's approval rating is only 41 percent overall, with a majority disapproving of his performance. 53 percent of independents disapprove of his performance.

* Only 10 percent of the country is "very satisfied" with the Obama presidency.

* A whopping 79 percent describe Washington politics as "dissatisfied" or "angry" — a number Virginia Democrats in Richmond should take notice of since they and Governor Terry McAuliffe are bent on a state government shutdown until General Assembly Republicans agree to extend Obamacare. 

* More for the Left to ponder: Only 6 percent say Obamacare is working. 

* A substantial majority prefers to return to the pre-Obamacare system than continue under the new law. Super majorities oppose the individual mandate tax.

* Two-thirds believe the definition of marriage should be left up to the states.