McAuliffe Hires Health Inspectors . . . For Abortion Centers?

For the past several years, a hiring freeze has been in place for the Commonwealth of Virginia requiring that the governor's chief of staff approve hiring for any position. Late Friday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that the McAuliffe administration has decentralized that process and granted the decision making authority for hiring to his cabinet. Explaining the rationale for this move, Governor Terry McAuliffe's spokesman stated that the decision was made:

to facilitate hiring for positions that are critical to Virginia communities including health inspectors, mining safety inspectors and other key positions that are essential to the workings of state government.

I'm pleased to learn that Governor McAuliffe recognizes the critical importance of having a sufficient number of health inspectors to ensure licensed health care facilities comply with regulatory requirements for patient safety.

Now that we know the governor shares our belief that patient safety at Virginia's licensed health care facilities is of paramount importance, we'll have to wait and see how committed he is to that belief. Will he permit these newly hired health inspectors inspect Virginia's licensed abortion centers or will he cave to pressure from Planned Parenthood to limit inspections? Will he side with Virginia's women and ensure that these abortion centers meet basic health standards or with Planned Parenthood? Time will tell.

I would like to believe Governor McAuliffe meant that all health inspectors are critical, but I fear his opinion will be selective. After all, he has $1,199,120 reasons to oppose the safety inspection of abortion centers. That is the amount of money Planned Parenthood Votes directly donated to his campaign.