Moving Pictures The Abortion Industry Wants Censored

Do you want to know why the Left is determined to repeal or prevent (in the 28 states that don't have them) ultrasound laws? Do you want to know why it has contrived a phony "War On Women" to make it sound as if these laws somehow restrict women's rights? (They don't, of course. They only require an abortion provider to show the images to the mother, pictures he has taken to see where the baby is in order to execute the abortion "safely.") It's because the laws work. Pregnant women, after seeing the images, develop a clearer understanding that the beings inside of them are, indeed, living — an idea considered a lie based on the misinformation and misdirection fed to them by the abortion industry, their apologists on the Left and so-called "women's rights groups."

According to Martin Fox at the National Pro-Life Alliance . . .

studies show that between 70 and 90 percent of women who see a sonogram of their unborn baby choose life and reject abortion.

What's more, abortionists know it. ...

The fact is, sonograms show an incredibly powerful image and can mean instant "conversion."

That's what happened to Abby Johnson, the one-time manager at a Planned Parenthood abortion center, whose well-known story began when she was asked to assist on an ultrasound-guided abortion. She was horrified as the ultrasound showed the 13-week-old baby fight for its life before the abortion provider finally took it. Now, she is one of America's most powerful pro-life voices.

The famous documentary film maker Ken Burns called the use of the black and white archival photographs in his groundbreaking "The Civil War" documentary series "moving pictures" — a pun on the original term for film. He didn't have moving pictures from that era, but he had moving pictures of Abraham Lincoln, soldiers, wives, widows, children and slaves alike that evoked plenty of emotion and which drove home the significance of every diary entry, letter home, song, battle, speech, strategy or action documented in the series.

Ultrasounds are both. They are moving pictures that show a baby's activity in the womb, demonstrating its exuberance for life already. But the black and white images — less focused than primitive 19th-century portraiture — are moving pictures that strike at the heart of any potential mother. That's why the Left relentlessly attempts to censor this type of movie or any measure to provide women with information to make a real choice, and viciously attempts to discredit anyone who enlightens the truth about abortion.

Sonogram of baby

National Pro-Life Alliance