New Divide

Often during Bob McDonnell’s term as governor the media would try to bait us into stories about how the Governor wasn’t conservative enough or how the “grassroots” was suspicious of his administration.  The stories always perpetuated the media narrative about the divided Republican Party and how the “crazy” right could never be appeased or how the Governor would be “forced” to do whatever the crazy right wanted him to do.  Sowing divisions on the right has proven highly advantageous for leftists in the media. If that wasn’t its goal, then the media in Virginia has an opportunity to prove me wrong.  That’s why I’m looking forward to seeing the stories in the mainstream media that I’m sure are about to break about the divisions in the Democrat Party over actions by Governor Terry McAuliffe.  What?  You don’t think that’s going to happen?  How skeptical of you.

Well, the left wing online rag Mother Jones is happy to report on it.  You see, apparently, the pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality wing of the party is livid with the new Governor for signing bills that include “conscience” protections; a provision supported by The Family Foundation.  Shocked that their guy “betrayed” them, they are on the warpath:

"We're extremely disappointed. We brought people power to that election. There was a 13-point gender gap" in favor of women, says [Tarina] Keene (executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia). "And you know why they were voting that way. We were hoping that this would be a new day, and our pro-choice partners at the legislative level would take this opportunity to do some proactive work. In the end, the governor didn't work all that hard for [the amendment]. For so many of our friendlies to run campaigns centered on reproductive rights, and then turn their backs on people who really helped them—we were dumbfounded."

This comes on top of McAuliffe anointing Richmond mayor Dwight Jones, an opponent of same-sex marriage, to lead the Democrat Party of Virginia.

All of this screams for a news story.

Of course, in order to prove their outrage is warranted, the likes of NARAL and the ACLU are spinning their rhetorical imaginations into a tizzy over the purpose of the conscience clause.  Their obsession with homosexuality is so pathological that they’ve somehow convinced themselves that the purpose of the proposals is to allow genetic counselors to deny services to homosexuals!  It’s such a bizarre and outlandish position that even their “friends” Terry McAuliffe and Janet Howell, two of the most ardent abortion and homosexuality supporters in Virginia, aren’t taking it seriously.

But that isn’t stopping the far-far left from its patented hysteria.

As hard as it is to believe that there are organizations in Virginia to the left of Janet Howell and Terry McAuliffe, it seems to be the case.

Whatever the case, I can’t wait to read about it tomorrow in the newspaper.