Stunning Hypocrisy, And The Question No One Will Ask Dwight Jones

The internal battle within the Democrat Party of Virginia (DPV) over the possible appointment of Mayor/Pastor Dwight Jones as the head of the party continues to escalate.  M/P Jones found it necessary to visit his former stomping grounds at the state Capitol earlier this week to try to shore up support from fellow Democrats, but the pressure to block him continues to mount from the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) wing of the party, including several sitting legislators.  They are apoplectic that M/P Jones is being considered given his to this point opposition to same-sex marriage. What’s remarkable in this political drama is the lengths to which some Democrats are going to defend M/P Jones’ position on marriage while they themselves and the party as a whole rhetorically bullies and ridicules anyone who dares voice their support for natural marriage (think Chick-Fil-A).  The usual viscous name calling often reserved for those who don’t support same-sex marriage – bigot, hater, and worse – is surprisingly absent in M/P Jones’ case.  He, apparently, is allowed to have his “deeply held belief,” at least according to some, and even be respected for it.

But remember, according to the Supreme Court and a federal judge in Norfolk, the only possible, logical source of opposition to redefining marriage is animus.  Oh, and that’s also the opinion of our own Attorney General, Mark Herring, who supports Jones’s nomination!  Earlier this session, Delegate Scott Surovell, arguing for the passage of his bill that would have removed the marriage definition from the Code of Virginia, made similar ininuations, but he too is supportive of Jones.

Apparently, you’re only a bigot if you’re not running for the head of DPV.

The vitriolic hate speech aimed at Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and any other demographic that dares support natural marriage is non-stop, with Democrat leaders and the media working hand in hand to do the bludgeoning.  Hypocrisy at its finest.

Kudos to the media for not ignoring the division, but I think they need to go further in their investigation.

Earlier this week, I proposed one question that needs to be asked.

But another question that no one has asked M/P Jones, and I doubt anyone will, goes beyond just redefining marriage.  It goes to the heart of the battle between religious liberty and sexual liberty, and to the role of government.  And it comes straight out of the recent brouhaha in Arizona:

“Mayor/Pastor Jones, let’s say you have a member of your church who owns a bakery.  Should the government be able to require/order that person to provide a wedding cake to a same-sex couple regardless of your parishioner’s deeply held belief about marriage?”

M/P Jones’s answer to that question, and the reaction of his fellow Democrats to his answer, will be far more revealing than his “deeply held belief” over the definition of marriage.