TFF Takes Department Of Health Complaint To Board Of Health At Today's Meeting

What happens when you can't get good customer service? Typically, you ask for the person's manager. In effect, that's what happened today when The Family Foundation, after receiving stone cold silence from the Department of Health in reply to a Freedom of Information Act request for information regarding possible violations at a Roanoke abortion center, notified the Virginia Board of Health at its scheduled public meeting in Richmond. The meeting was open to public comment and TFF President Victoria Cobb explained to the Board the problem, which also has resulted in a legal suit TFF filed yesterday in Circuit Court. Here is the news release TFF issued earlier today, which includes Victoria's public testimony in full.

Family Foundation Testifies Before Board of Health

- State officials haven’t responded to FOIA request -

RICHMOND – The Family Foundation of Virginia today informed the Virginia Board of Health during public testimony of the failure of the Department of Health to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request seeking documentation verifying that the Department of Health fulfilled its legal obligation to report a possible incident of child sexual abuse. Yesterday, The Family Foundation filed a petition with the Richmond Circuit Court against the Virginia Department of Health for its failure to respond.

The testimony, presented by Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb, follows:

My name is Victoria Cobb and I am the President of The Family Foundation. For far too long, abortion centers have operated under a veil of secrecy. But thanks to the inspections directed by this Board of Health, medical professionals now assess the health and safety of these facilities. And we sadly have learned from inspection reports exactly what was anticipated. Today I outline for you one such revelation. According to the February 25, 2013 inspection report, the Roanoke Medical Center for Women performed abortions on three minors without evidence of parental consent. Two of these patients were 14 when the abortion was performed and under Virginia law, having carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old is a crime. Licensed physicians including both the abortionist and the Interim State Health Commissioner are mandatory reporters for suspected child abuse and neglect, the definition of which includes sexual acts performed on a child. Clearly, a 14-year-old who by statute is the victim of a crime falls within the category of an abused or neglected child. It is especially alarming since this occurred along the I-81 corridor where sex trafficking is a concern.

However, when we FOIA'd Commissioner Levine to ensure that upon getting the inspection results the Department reported this suspected child abuse, she responded that the Department had no responsive documents. So we waited fourteen more days, having made Department aware of our concerns and we FOIA'd again. Because yesterday marked the 10th day since the Department received our second request, well outside the 5 day legal limit, we filed suit in Richmond Circuit Court. Potential child abuse cannot be treated in a hap hazard way by the abortion industry or our state health department. Sadly, despite the gravity of the procedure, abortion is so politicized it that when state officials turn a blind eye to legal violations and basic patient care, especially when the patient is a child, we simply hope it's not because candidate McAuliffe received $1.9 million in campaign donations from the abortion industry to put him in the Governor's mansion. I testify to ask Department of Health to report this suspected child abuse and any future similar findings from inspection reports to the proper authorities and to report the doctor who violated parental consent laws to the Board of Medicine. It is chilling to know that not only do abortion centers disregard the health and safety of women and young girls, but the Department appears to be ignoring it.