Warning: This Story Is Gross

An investigative report by a British television network  earlier this week uncovered a disgusting practice at UK hospitals over the last two years: At least 15,500 remains of miscarried or aborted children at 27 "Trusts" (hospitals that are part of the National Health Service) have been incinerated as "clinical waste" or used in "waste-to-energy" plants that generate power to heat the hospitals. Mothers of the children were told that the remains were cremated. More than 1,100 were transported to a privately run hospital for incineration at its "waste-to-energy" plant (see the Telegraph, here). For what it's worth, government authorities immediately expressed outrage and are taking action to prohibit this from happening again, even though it is against policy to begin with. The larger picture is not only the disgusting and callous nature of this practice by a culture of death that has infiltrated places of healing, but that it happened under a government-run health system.

Cause for worry? You bet.

At least three high level government bureaucrats vehemently criticized the incinerations, but that in itself illustrates the problem — three government officials? Get this — one of the NHS' bureaus is the Human Tissue Authority. This is what happens when government takes over private health care — a total disregard for life and conscience. The government takeover isn't quite here yet, but the slow evisceration of the conscience protections going on now under Obamacare will only accelerate as the law expands its reach and the bureaucracy grows to administer the government's reach.