Happy Earth Day (Or, Pretend I'm A Tree And Save Me)

Today is Earth Day, the day when assorted folk, both the well meaning and the just plain mean, get together to celebrate the beauty of our planet — God's creation (though many of the mean won't acknowledge even that, but for the cynicism of gaining the ear of the unsuspecting). While they pander and profess, exhorting the masses through any number of activities and communication, to undertake all manner of assorted (and inconvenient) measures to ensure the safety of the Earth, there won't be one mention of God's most fragile, most innocent, most vulnerable and, most sadly, most susceptible creation — the unborn. The fact is, that for the most part, the "Save the Earth" or Green Movement is made up of the Secular Left and anti-faith activists who think trees are more precious and unborn humans a nuisance. Exert your entire being to save a tree; defend the "right" to kill an unborn human being.

As beautiful as Mother Nature is, we are reminded what truly is her greatest gift is in this superb reminder from our friends at CatholicVote.org. If not for the ultimate gift of life, who then would give testimony to the beauty of nature? The cliche, If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it really fall? should ring especially true with environmentalists. But with rampant abortion, there are fewer young ones to experience the innocent joy of nature's wonder.

CatholicVote's photo.

Perhaps if children were born this way, the Secular Left would oppose abortion on demand and have a greater appreciation of nature's ultimate beauty — the gift of life.