It hated Me first

You tell me I'm in the majority, but I can't read something I've written without much of its content first being redacted. You tell me I'm free to choose, but then you tell me my choices are limited to what others deem to be appropriate – choices I wouldn't have chosen.

You tell me the marketplace is free for me to explore, but then you tell my small business which customers I will serve.

You tell me I'm free to express myself, but that I must do it within a box with boundaries you define.

You tell me to achieve my dreams, but that I must deny myself to do so.

You tell me I'm intelligent, but that intellectuals don't think the things I do.

You tell me I keep our country safe and bring healing to those who mourn, but I cannot tell others who keeps me safe.

I am a police chaplain, a business owner, a photographer, a citizen, a CEO, a valedictorian, a national guardsman.

I am a Christian.

You are culture.

Why do you refuse to accept me in your midst?

If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you.” John 15:18