Make Them All Squeal

If only we had such pols in Virginia. Joannie Ernst, an Iowa Senator, is running for the U.S. Senate in a crowded Republican primary. Trailing badly, she now has momentum, recognition and possibly drawn an inside straight to the nomination (see John McCormick at Business Week). The "Why?" is her unfailing principled conservatism. The "How?" is much more integral to the story. It's her unique ad that is resonating not only in agriculture rich Iowa, but across the nation:

Joannie Ernst is trying to castrate politics as usual.

Now, Ernst has a background that lends itself to this type of ad. But it's not only her background and the humor (and shock) inherent in it. It's the determined, purposeful, forceful stand she communicates. A candidate can be forceful and not dour. Why don't more conservatives take this approach? What are they afraid of?

There are those on the Right who claim saying "no" isn't enough, but when the Left is foisting unneeded, unwanted and destructive policies disguised as solutions to issues where no problems exist; that are deconstructing our nation's greatness, "no" often is the best and only answer.

While Ernst wants to make the big spenders squeal, it doesn't end there. She's a committed social conservative, too, who earned the Susan B. Anthony List endorsement because of her staunch pro-life record (see Shane Vander Hart at

Limited spending. Pro-life. No doubt it's not only the Left that are squealing, but the GOP establishment as well. I don't know how this primary will turnout, but at least Ernst has injected enthusiasm and promise into a campaign many had conceded to the likely Democrat nominee. Those two elements are sorely lacking among many right-of-center in Virginia and, indeed, around the country.