One Vote

With one vote, Mark Warner endangered children, empowered sexual predators and limited parental rights. In one fell swoop, he bowed to the powerful abortion industry's lobby and helped undermine laws of his own state.



On March 22, 2013, Senator Mark Warner voted against enacting the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. This Senate Amendment would have made it a federal offense to avoid a parental involvement law in a minor’s home state when obtaining an abortion by transporting the minor across state lines. Additionally, it would have required an abortionist in a state with no parental notice law to notify the parents of an out-of-state minor at least 24 hours before performing an abortion.

Why all the fuss now?

Just last month, The Family Foundation sued the McAuliffe administration over their failure to properly disclose documentation surrounding a possible case of child abuse at a Roanoke abortion center. This continues a pattern of federal officials signaling to their “progressive” peers at the state-level that it’s okay to ignore the laws you don’t care for (here’s looking at you Holder and Herring) and manufacturing methods to circumvent the will of the people in states that remain dedicated to the welfare of their children and the prosperity of their families.

Human trafficking is a known problem along Virginia’s I-81 corridor and elsewhere in the United  States. Predators often evade detection by forcing their victims to undergo abortions to cover up their crime.

In Virginia, we have taken steps to protect our children from sexual abuse by requiring parental consent before a minor receives an abortion. Unfortunately, Sen. Warner does not respect Virginia’s laws and has failed to protect our children when given the chance

Perhaps Senator Warner will tell you why he has opted not to protect Virginia’s daughters.

Ask him.  202-224-2023 (D.C. office number)

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