Who Can Afford the Martin Agency?

I received a call this afternoon from the Martin Agency asking me if I would answer a few questions to see if I qualified to participate in a focus group. As someone who frequently reads and analyzes polls, I'm always interested to hear what people are polling about, so I anxiously complied.

The first questions were predictable: city/county of residence, age, gender, marital status.

The next set of questions – was I registered to vote, did I vote in the 2013 election, and if so, who did I vote for? And how often did I read news articles?

Now I was hooked. Who paid for this focus group? A candidate? An interest group? A political party?

The next set of questions was issue related and mostly about abortion, peaking my interest all the more. Did I think the US Supreme Court's abortion position was too liberal, too conservative, or just about right? Should abortion be allowed in all cases, never, or only in the case of rape/incest/life of the mother? At the end, there was one question about gun policy and another about government surveillance.

I hadn't been stopped prematurely throughout the survey and told I didn't qualify, so I was hopeful that I would be participating in the upcoming focus group. But much to my regret, I was informed that I did not qualify. Was I too pro-life? “Too married”? Too conservative? Too literate about current events?

I'm very curious to know who is polling, why they are polling, and why someone of my profile would be disqualified.

Has anyone else received a call from the Martin Agency in recent days on a similar topic? I'd be interested to hear your experience.