Abortion Industry's Legacy, When Understood, Does Not Resonate With America, Especially The Young

On a day when a report surfaced about a 15-year-old girl was held against her will in an abortion center to coerce into an abortion until she was rescued by police (see LifeNews.com) it's instructive to understand that this should not be shocking. After all, we have this (H/T National Pro-Life Alliance via Facebook):

Photo: Planned Parenthood's founder believes killing babies is "merciful."  Does anyone else see a problem with this?</p><br />
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But if you think this is all old school and taken out of context of the modern world, that Planned Parenthood is all about "women's healthcare," think again. Think that it is, in a desperate attempt to conceal the abomination of abortion, redefining the killing of the unborn to make it palatable to a compassionate public that would otherwise be nauseated by its true purpose (redefinition being the Secular Left's desperate, yet authoritarian, means of transforming God's natural order). Here is a more contemporary quote so you'll know Planned Parenthood persists in conforming to Sanger's legacy also from NPLA):

Photo: Abortionists make huge profits every year by misleading patients into thinking they aren't killing an innocent baby. </p><br />
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On the other hand, don't let the vile and reprehensible tactics and practices of the abortion industry discourage you. More and more people are identifying themselves as pro-life as the truth about the abortion industry becomes known. More than that, the young are especially pro-life — if 17-year-old Saira Blair is any indication. She is a West Virginia student from West Virginia (but who does volunteer work at at Martinsville hospital so Virginia can claim her to an extent) who just defeated a two-term incumbent state legislator by running on a pro-life platform (see LifeNews.com). More proof that abortion apologists and/or the weak kneed who refuse to acknowledge the enormity of the crisis can't suppress what is inherently understood about the repulsive nature of abortion, whether by the Planned Parenthood founder or by those who carry on her vile heritage.


Too young to vote. Old enough to win. Saira Blair defeated a two-term incumbent in a recent West Virginia legislative primary running on a pro-life platform.