Alleged Planned Parenthood Negligence Leads To Accusations Of 18 Rapes

A Planned Parenthood abortion center in Arizona may be proving a point we've made for some time now about an abortion center in Roanoke (see previous post here). Here's the situation:

Abortion Centers are required by law to report cases of pregnant underage girls seeking abortions because, logically, if they are pregnant, there's a very real potential that there was statutory rape involved. However, as undercover videos, investigative reports and other information have shown over the years, there is s strong suspicion that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry  refuses to turn over this information in order to procure the business of the girl (not reporting also allows abortion centers from having to notify parents in states where there are parental notification or consent laws).

See this undercover video from a few years ago for a prime example:

In other words, it's hard to believe these are isolated incidents or rogue or untrained abortion industry employees, as Planned Parenthood claims whenever one of these situations arise. It's funny how Planned Parenthood is quick to distance itself from the abortion center that gets caught, but never seems to make a definitive, transparent effort to root these actions from its system.

Now comes a chilling report from Arizona where an abortion center allegedly did not report the case of a pregnant underage girl allowing her molester to go on a raping rampage. War on women, anyone?

According to the Case Grande Dispatch:

Documents obtained from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office allege a counselor at a health clinic intentionally withheld information about an alleged rape from law enforcement personnel, months before others came forward to stop a Poston Butte High School student from attacking more teenagers.

Tyler Kost, 18, is accused of raping or molesting at least 18 girls, most of them fellow classmates at Poston Butte High School. He is being held without bond in the Pinal County jail.

In forensic interviews with Sheriff’s Office sex crime detectives, a girl who says she became pregnant after Kost raped her last year visited a Planned Parenthood clinic with her mother on New Year’s Eve. According to the report, her mom told the staffer about the sexual assault during the visit.

"The counselor intentionally miscoded the assault as a consensual encounter," the PCSO report states. "The counselor told them that they did not want the hassle of having to report the assault to law enforcement as they were a mandatory reporter."

That’s a violation of Arizona law, which requires all suspected sexual abuse incidents be reported to law enforcement.

There's more on the story at in a report by Steven Ertelt, who cites reports from various sources about abortion centers around the country, including undercover videos of three Virginia abortion centers, that show employees willing to conceal and/or enable statutory rape and the sex trade of minors. It makes what's in a state Health Department inspection report about the Roanoke Medical Center for Women not so unbelievable — it found that it provided abortions to three or four teenage girls, yet apparently did not report the cases to the proper authorities as required by law.

Here's the quote from the inspection report:

On 12/18/12 at approximately 9:00 a.m. during a review of clinical records, the survey team discovered 3 (three) of 4 (four) patients who received a procedure to terminate pregnancy were minors and no evidence of parental consent was present in the clinical record. Patient #2 had a procedure to terminate pregnancy in November 2012, and was 16 (sixteen) years of age at the time of the procedure. There was no documentation/evidence in the clinical record of any written informed consent obtained from the parent/guardian of Patient #2 for the procedure. On 12/18/12 at 9:30 a.m., Staff #2 stated, “I don’t know why this one wasn’t done. I don’t know how it slipped through the cracks. …” Patient #4 had a procedure to terminate pregnancy in December 2012, and was 14 (fourteen) years old at the time of the procedure. There was a document in the clinical record, “Certificate of Acknowledgement — Consent Letter” which had been signed but was not notarized by the facility proving/validating the identity or relationship of the signee as the parent/guardian of Patient #4.

These catastrophic incidents in Arizona are not isolated and very well could be happening here in Virginia. If so, who knows how many additional lives are facing the trauma of rape? It's not something we have been quiet about. We have warned the General Assembly, executive branch and public health officials for years about the collateral damage abortion causes. We still wait for answers in Now, the case in Roanoke seems a lot more realistic, a lot less distant, and hits home a little harder.

Irony: In this photo of a shiny, expensive but unidentified Planned Parenthood abortion center, a school bus can bee seen in the lower right corner, letting off students at what appears to be a rally.