Family Foundation Questions McAuliffe Attack: Abortion Center Regulations Required By Law

The Family Foundation of Virginia issued this press release earlier today regarding Governor Terry McAuliffe's plans to reorganize the Virginia Board of Health and possibly change the commonwealth's abortion center health and safety standards:

RICHMOND–The Family Foundation of Virginia today questioned Governor Terry McAuliffe’s announced plans to reorganize the Virginia Board of Health to review current abortion center health and safety standards.

"More than sixty days after its deadline Virginia still doesn’t have a state budget but Governor McAuliffe seems to have found the time for a little political payback to an abortion industry that spent over a $1 million to get him elected,” said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia. “The Board of health has adopted reasonable standards that include inspections and basic sanitary conditions. As a result of these standards, Virginia public health officials found over 100 health and safety violations include blood stained and unsterilized equipment, violations of parental consent laws, lack of adequate staff training and on and on. The abortion center health and safety standards are doing exactly what they were intended to do, force the industry to clean up its act and protect women, but it is more interested in spending money on elections than on women’s health. Whether the Governor and the abortion industry like it or not, the law of Virginia requires that abortion centers have health and safety standards.”

The Code of Virginia, § 32.1-5, clearly states that the Board of Health have fifteen members. The members are experts in their various fields and some spent nearly two years reviewing the abortion center health and safety standards. The Code of Virginia also requires that abortion centers have health and safety standards.

Cobb asked, “Has the Governor bullied five members of the board into resigning because they don’t agree with is pro-abortion position? If these five are simply replacements of those rotating off the board at the end of June anyway, is he just trying to make his fanatical pro-abortion base happy with today’s press event?"

“Why is the abortion industry so afraid of having public health officials inspect their facilities if they are safe?” added Cobb. “The Governor’s blatant politicization of a public health issue is one more example of his lack of concern for the women of Virginia. The health and safety violations that have been found because the standards are in place are proof enough that the industry cannot be trusted.”