Friday Fun: The Sad State Of Education

If you aren't concerned about the state of public education, both secondary and college, you need to see this recently shot video. You don't have to be a scholar, history buff or Jeopardy! champion to know the answers to these questions. While the ignorance displayed is humorous on its face, the truth is that it reveals a sad state of our education system. No wonder the Left wins the youth vote. When you're this uniformed, you're gullible and will believe anything. Props to Jesse Watters of Fox News' O'Reilly Factor, who consistently does some of the most entertaining, yet instructive segments, on cable news. All he does is ask the questions. It's the answers that are illuminating. More on this exercise and what it says about education at, which delves into the federalization of American education and the role the federal government has usurped from localities and states. It's no coincidence that the more the federal government has involved itself in what is a local responsibility, that best knows how to execute education to local communities, the more we get the results we see in the video.