The Bishops Speak: The Truth About Marriage

The Catholic bishops of Virginia filed an amicus curiae with the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for the crucial hearing on Virginia's Marriage Amendment, which will take place later this month. A U.S. District Court judge in Norfolk earlier this year ruled that the Marriage Amendment was unconstitutional. Bishops Francis DiLorenzo, of the Diocese of Richmond, and Paul Loverde, of the Diocese of Arlington, speak with the clarity of thought and reason that escape legalese. Truth doesn't reside in legalities, unfortunately. But the Truth is always clear because it isn't manipulated, twisted, bent, molded or otherwise shaped to meet an agenda, which is why so many laws are convoluted to the point it needs battalions of attorneys and courts to decide what the law means. More unfortunately, those decisions often created more confusion (see the Virginia Catholic Conference's From The Tiber To The James Blog).

Bishops DiLorenzo and Loverde lay out the case in Truth for why the natural, traditional, from-the-begninning-of-time definition of marriage is the only definition of marriage:

Virginia’s interest in marriage is based in the Commonwealth’s foresight that changing the legal definition of marriage would unavoidably change the way Virginia’s citizens view marriage and make the Commonwealth’s marriage laws adult-focused rather than child-focused. If the message and function of marriage is changed in concept, the cultural significance attached to marriage will also change.

. . . male-female marriage serve governmental interests that are not just legitimate, but compelling, namely, encouraging the procreation and rearing of children by the very people responsible for begetting them, in the stable environment of the marital family. The simple fact is that moms and dads are different, not interchangeable, and having both a mom and dad is an ideal parenting environment. (Emphasis added.)

Separately, in a statement issued when they filed the brief, Bishops DiLorenzo and Loverde stated:

We affirm the intrinsic dignity of all people. ... We also seek to preserve the one institution that was designed to protect children and the family: marriage, rooted in natural law as the union of one man and one woman. Marriage has an original, unalterable design that existed before any religion or government. No religion, government, or court should re-design it. (Emphasis added.)

Exactly. Our constitution and Declaration of Independence — the founding principles of American freedom — is that our rights (i.e., our freedoms) come from Nature's God, not man. If marriage is designed by nature, and has been defined as between one man and one woman form the beginning of time, no man, court or legislature can redefine it . . . except, of course, through legalisms, not Truth.

Legalisms are designed to muddle, confuse, divide and, to some extent, if inadvertently, create chaos. That is, if man says it, who's to say we can't change it to mean whatever we want. That's when it's necessary to listen to, and understand, nature and its Truth.

fourth circuit court

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Courthouse in Richmond.