The Long Haul

The struggle to protect the unborn is, and will continue to be, a long, drawn out battle of wills and persuasion. We didn't get to the point of killing 1.5 million unborn babies a year over night, and it won't be ended at the drop of a dime, either. Ultimately, in order for Life to prevail, the pro-life movement must convert dispassionate hearts and indifferent minds, not to mention the cold hearts and brazen minds. Creating a culture of life that demands the end of abortion will take time. But actions count as well — the practical, the day-to-day, all the interim steps that not only advance the cause and save lives, but reflect to the public the honor that is defending Life.

In that vein, Laura Peredo of Live Action News lists 10 activities we can do during the downtime of summer to keep busy and further the objective.

They are:

Find your local pregnancy resource center and get involved.

♦ Go to one of Survivors pro-life "boot camps"

♦ Create a presence outside your local abortion center.

♦ Post pro-life news articles on social media.

♦ Wear pro-life gear.

♦ Fundraise for a pro-life organization.

♦ Read a pro-life book (or two or ten).

♦ Pass out pro-life literature in busy places in your community.

♦ If you're looking for a job, apply at a Pro-Life organization (or volunteer for one).

♦ Make plans for your pro-life club for next school year.

Click here to read her article and get the details of these largely simple activities, as well as access helpful links to accomplish these goals.