Try Again

My friend Matt is a pretty bright guy.  Not surprisingly, I don’t hang out with many people who have their PhD in neuroscience, but Matt actually does.  And it didn’t come through the mail.  He has a beautiful family, with three little girls.  His oldest daughter is my daughter’s BFF.  That’s what they tell me anyway. Several months ago, Matt began telling me about his saga of trying to find health insurance after he lost his private health insurance because of ObamaCare.  With, at the time, two little girls with a third on the way, you can imagine the need to have coverage.  You can read about Matt’s saga in his own words, here.

Fortunately, in recent weeks, things appear to have “worked out.”  Matt now has a health insurance plan through ObamaCare.  Lucky him.

Then again, maybe not.

You see, under his previous “substandard” private health insurance plan from the evil, greedy private health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield, when he took his children in for their immunizations, it was covered by his plan.  In fact, under the old “substandard” plan he never had a single claim denied.  Ever.  So, recently, when he took his new little girl in for immunizations, having a spanking new ObamaCare plan hot out of the exchange, he assumed that the immunizations would be covered.

Guess again.  He recently received a letter in the mail from his new “provider” that dashed those hopes.  They denied the claim.  But they don’t know why, at least that’s what he was told when he called the new “provider” and asked why.  Their response: try again.

No, really.  That’s what they told him.  Try again.

So, tell me again why it’s a good idea to expand ObamaCare to cover hundreds of thousands of people with plans like this?